Men are often on lookout for ways to make their sex lives better. One of the ways to ensure that your sex life rocks, is by guaranteeing that your woman reaches an intense orgasm.

However, women can usually achieve an orgasm if their G spot, which is inside the vagina, is constantly stimulated. Additionally, it takes a while for women to get stimulated and they usually reach orgasm later than men do. Therefore, it is important that you have an erection that lasts long.

Here are 5 steps that can help you achieve a longer lasting erection:

  • Watch What You Eat: Your erection consumes many nutrients and that is why you need to intake many healthy carbohydrates. You also need zinc that helps in production of sperms. In addition, you need adequate blood supply to your penis, ensuring that your blood vessels are not clogged with cholesterol.
  • Desensitize Your Penis: One of the main reasons that erection do not last long enough is because the tip of the penis is very sensitive to touch. You can desensitize your penis by wearing a condom. Or, try to distract yourself for a few seconds when you anticipate an ejaculation building up.
  • Exercise the Key Muscles: Another way to have a longer erection is to exercise certain muscles of your penis and abdominal area. Known as kegel exercises, these are a popular way to enhance erection time by just spending 15-20 minutes a day working out these muscles.
  • Quit Bad Habits: Smoking is known to damage your blood circulation, decrease your stamina and even cause erectile dysfunction. Drinking alcohol also adversely affects your libido and sex drive.
  • Use a Penis Ring: Penis rings help in keeping a penis erect for longer period. The work on keeping the blood in the shaft area of your penis. These rings are easily available and are an effective tool for increasing sexual pleasure. However, do not use it if you feel any discomfort during intercourse.

These steps will help you achieve a longer-lasting erection and hopefully, a great sex life.